How to select safe disposable plastic lunch boxes

Time: 2023-03-29 Views: 0
I believe that plastic boxes and bags are common nowadays, but even plastic is made of many materials, and living standa...

I believe that plastic boxes and bags are common nowadays, but even plastic is made of many materials, and living standards have improved. Naturally, we also need to pay attention to what kind of disposable plastic boxes are used? Here, the editor wants to tell everyone that only those with colorless transparency, pp material, and QS logo are safe!

How to identify whether the disposable plastic lunch box you often use is safe? This time, the editor will teach you some quick tips.

There are many types of disposable plastic lunch boxes, including lunch boxes and dinner plates. A friend of Xiaobian's food packaging material engineer often says, "All takeout food is hot, and plastic lunch boxes are made of PP to be safe." Common disposable plastic lunch boxes in the market mainly include two materials, such as PC and PP. PC material lunch boxes may contain harmful bisphenol A, a substance that can easily produce harmful substances when filled with hot water or exposed to sunlight. Therefore, disposable plastic lunch boxes made of PC materials are no longer common.

In the laboratory, the testing of disposable plastic lunch boxes is very strict, and the health related testing mainly includes total migration and heavy metal content. Total migration refers to the total amount of nonvolatile substances that migrate into food contact materials and contact products. If the nonvolatile substances in plastics exceed the standards, they will cause harm to human health over time.

How is the total migration detected? The testing personnel will soak plastic lunch box samples with acetic acid, ethanol, grease, and other substances for 15 days. After immersion, an appropriate amount of immersion solution will be extracted and placed in a fully automatic total migration tester for testing. After obtaining the test results and comparing them with national standards, it is determined that they are unqualified if they exceed the standard. According to GB4806.7-2016, the total migration of plastic lunch boxes must be less than 10 milligrams per square decimeter.

Disposable plastic lunch boxes are strictly inspected and printed with "QS" logo, such as the material of the lunch box. As for why you choose a plastic lunch box made of PP, it has better heat resistance, acid, alkali, and grease resistance compared to other plastics.